10K away from a first draft

So I’m doing NaNo, writing a first draft in the month of November. I’ve been very dedicated, and now I just crossed the 40K mark (the goal is 50K). Ah, if only I had a dollar for every word I’ve written.

As far as first drafts go, it’s not totally hideous, but it’s pretty scary. And not scary-because-I’m-writing-a-horror-manuscript. If only.

I’m looking forward to edits and revisions. I love revising. I hate the first draft process. Mostly the overcoming inertia thing, but then the keep it rolling thing and just gag your inner editor. That’s hard. Really hard. Turns out I’m very, very good at being critical of my writing. For an article, say, 1200 words long, it’s easy to hold back the criticism for the first draft, and then unleash it for edits. Holding back your inner critic for 1200 words is a lot easier than holding it back for 50,000. That’s a lot of restraint.

So I’ve got the finish line in sight and I’m hauling my lame first draft toward it as fast as I can. Because I know when I get there, I get to tackle the fun stuff: Revisions. I also know I get to eat the ice cream sundae I promised myself when I started Nano a couple weeks ago. 🙂