Ya, I’m a hypocrite with that title. I can’t stand when advertisers/media folk (ahem) add “-apalooza,” “-gate,” “-maggedon,” (and so on) to words. It’s like, <eye roll> so BEEN DONE BEFORE.

And yet…I can’t help myself. It’s like cliches — they work because people get them. So when I say, “Bookapalooza!” your mind drifts to lots and lots and lots of books, doesn’t it? Well, doesn’t it?

So, for fam and friends playing along with the Kate Reilly Wheel-o-Fortune show, here’s my 2014 news: For the next 3.5 months, I’m focusing on — say it with me — books. Books, books, and nuthin’ but books.

  • Revising my NaNo YA, working title SHE. Goal to have it to beta readers by end of January.
  • Revising my second NaNo project (ya, I did a two-fer NaNo this year), working title H2. It’s the sequel to HALFSIE. Goal to have it to beta readers by mid-February.
  • Finishing homeschool humor book/memoir (can I call it that? Sounds pompous.), working title TADPOLE. Goal to have it to beta readers by end of February.
  • Misc. book projects. Goal to finish before April 15.

Deep breath. If you’re curious about the step-by-step process in which I slowly lose my marbles, stay tuned. I’ll be an open book about the process…