Let the blogathon begin!

Blogging has never been my thang; one more ball to juggle, and I haven’t ever really hit my stride in terms of…y’know…what to actually hang my hat on as a topic. It might be a peril of having a creative mind. Or maybe a very ADD mind?

In any event, Freelance Success and WordCount (two of my happy homes online; check them out) are jointly hosting a blogathon this year. And since I’m such a joiner (ha), or more accurately internally-competitive, naturally I got on board. WordCount normally hosts this in May, but lucky for me, it’s a June thang this year.

I promise that’s the last time I’ll type “thang.”

Anyhoo. I was trying to think of how I could structure this for myself, since I’m such a wanderer vis-a-vis my focus, so I’ve decided to give each day a theme. Yeah, it’ll probably last until Wednesday, but ya gotta start somewhere, amIright? So here’s what I’m going to try:

Sun: Hands-on (projects, crafts, three-dimensional concepts)
Mon: Musings (essay-ish thoughts)
Tu: Biz (what’s going on in the book world)
W: Words (fun with fonts, inspired by Sheldon Cooper’s “Fun with Flags”)
Th: Anything can happen Thursday (I watch too much Big Bang Theory)
F: Photo Friday
Sat: Mixed Media (Vine, animation, video, sound)

Yeah. So. Join me to a) play along or b) admire the best-laid plans falling apart.

Wish me luck!