New books coming soon

News flash: We’re almost through February. Yikes!

Crazy that I’m already behind my 2014 goals list, but not completely unexpected. We went through a significant amount of changes at Chez Reilly last year, and I’m still trying to play catch-up. This year has had its share of curve balls so far, but my guys and I are gettin’ in done.

I know, I know. I need to let some stuff go and just focus on keeping some balls in the air instead of all of them. But what’s the fun in that?

So, among other things upcoming this year: Several new books. Three in the first quarter:

* CITIES, from Nomad Press. This is coming in April, and was so much fun to work on. I always learn something new when I do a Nomad book, and this one tied in well to last August’s road trip my guys and I took to NYC.

* Sequel to HALFSIE. This one is just about ready to come out (behind schedule, of course). This was last year’s “summer beach read,” and if you read it and enjoyed it, I’d love to hear about it!

* A new YA, working title SHE. This’ll shock you, but I’m running behind schedule on this one, too. However, you can keep track of the progress by clicking and being mesmerized by the little drippy-drips. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Later in the year, I’ve got another Nomad book I believe is scheduled to come out, and a few non-fiction projects in the works, including:

* WALT DISNEY WORLD EXTREME VACATION GUIDE FOR KIDS is coming out in a digital form. The print version is in stores and libraries, hopefully near you! Or you can drop me a line here if you’d like to get one directly and I can sign it and sent it to you.

* A spin-off, companion guide to WDWEVG4K will be out shortly after. This guide focuses exclusively on how to make EDIBLE DISNEY ATTRACTIONS. If you’re a Disney-holic, you’ll get where I’m going with that. Edible Jungle Cruise, anyone?

* A humorous look at homeschooling will probably release around April; working title I GAVE THE TADPOLE CPR. (Based on a true story. Seriously.)

* The big one that will probably take until mid-year is┬átentatively titled the ORGANIZED WRITER’S TOOLBOX. I’m excited about all my ongoing projects, but this one has been in the works for 15 years — no kidding. This is loaded with all the spreadsheets, tips, tricks, files, cheat sheets, and everything else I’ve developed over the years to make work as a professional writer more efficient.

So, there you have it. That’s a peek into some of what’s going on in the big polka dot suitcase these days. Hopefully, this’ll all get cranked out by mid-year, and then we’ll have a new list of fun for the second half of ’14. Stay tuned.