Veterans Day

Hello Blogglings! Sir Buffalo Sushi here.

Even though it’s not Friday, I’m writing¬† because it’s Veterans Day.

Veterans day is when, in 1918 on 11:00 of the 11th on the 11th month, the Germans and We and our allies of World War 1 both signed a Armistice. (Shortly said, a Armistice is a document declaring peace.)

So, not surprisingly, Woodrow Wilson, our president at the time, called Nov. 11th “Armistice Day”.¬† But, in 1953, Al King, a Kansas shop owner, thought Armistice Day should be changed to Veterans day to honor all Veterans, not just the WWI ones. People soon started pushing for Veterans Day. On November 8th, 1954, Congress changed Armistice Day to Veterans Day.

So, anyway, we should thank are Veterans for the work they do. Because of them we don’t need to worry about bombs and that kind of stuff. And we should thank them every day, not just November 11th. So to the Veterans; Thank you, from Sir Buffalo Sushi.